Thursday, April 25, 2013

On the Day You Were Born

Dear Miss P,

On the day you were born, your Daddy and I went to the hospital at midnight. Mama was having contractions four minutes apart, but not progressing, so we went back home. Then, at 4:30 am, Mama's water broke, so we knew that sometime that day we would get to meet you, the person for whom we'd been waiting since that day in August when we found out you existed.

We got back to the hospital at about 5 am, both very sleepy because, upon the suggestion of the nurse, we'd taken some Benadryl when we got home the first time. Your Daddy almost fell asleep standing up! The super nice nurses got Mama ready to spend the day getting ready for you. At 7:30 am Mama got her epidural, which made waiting for you that much easier. As the day went on your Gram and Grandad, Grandma and Papa, aunt and uncles, cousin, and so many others came to see Mama and Daddy and wait to see you. After many hours, lots of ice chips, and just a little bit of pain, you arrived at 6:38 pm. You were 9lbs, 6oz, 20.5 inches long. Everyone was surprised at how big you were! You'd stayed inside long enough to get cute and chubby. Your Mama held you for a few minutes and then your Daddy took you while Mama did some recovering. They sent you off for your bath, and Mama sent Daddy to take pictures since she couldn't watch herself. You had quite an audience through the nursery window!

When things calmed back down, you were brought to Mama. And she was so happy to see you! People were standing in line to hold you and tell Mama and Daddy just how beautiful you are. After your adoring public left, you, Mama, and Daddy got ready to spend our first night as a family.

On the day you were born, you changed our lives. You made us parents. You added a sweet presence to our small family, and to our larger families as well. As I told your Aunt Jo when I texted her late that night, "Dude, I'm someone's Mom." Not a deeply profound statement, but life-altering nonetheless. Thank you for changing our lives in ways we can't even imagine yet. We're ready for the adventure that is you!

I love you,


Frau Ferguson said...

That is so sweet!!!!

Kristyn said...

Just had to go and make me cry, didn't you?!

Katy said...

This almost made me cry. I am so excited for you and Mr. Bass! I can't wait to meet her!!

Sherri Thompson said...

I absolutely loved reading this Elizabeth!!! Beautiful thoughts of her arrival!!! She will love reading this over and over when she gets bigger!!!

Jeri said...

So sweet! I love how you are writing the story to her about her arrival. You are already a great Mama and can't wait to watch her grow. Love you all!

Aunt Di said...

Beautiful, just like Penny! What a blessing and miracle!