Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Because I Need to Make a Quick Update

Well, since I seem to have trouble getting through posts about our trip to Europe, I'll go back to some regular posting for a while with special appearances from various European cities. I will eventually finish talking about that trip!*

So, what else has happened in the past oh, 8 months or so? Well, I was promoted to director of publications and editor of scholarly journal of the historical society. Basically I'm taking over the world one history article at a time. School continues and is going well. I realized about a week ago that, after this semester, I have one summer class and two semesters left in my classwork. In 15 hours of classwork, I will be eligible to take my comprehensive exams. I'm still letting that sink in.

Oh yeah, and we're having a baby in about 6 weeks. It's kind of a big deal :-) Baby Girl will be here mid-April. We've had one shower so far and anticipate another lovely afternoon with family and friends this upcoming weekend. Our family and friends are generous beyond measure. BG's room is almost complete, which makes it the perfect time to fill it with all kinds of baby accoutrement.

I think that covers the major things for now. Now that I've taken the pressure of finishing trip blogging off my shoulders, I anticipate more regular posts. I mean, who wants an irregular post?

*Not really, it was so awesome that I'll probably talk about it for the rest of my life. I apologize in advance for repeating the stories until they lose their fabulosity :-)

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